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Trevoole Mine, Cornwall

Principal ores: COPPER & TIN

Crowan: grid reference SW640372

Trevoole Mine (c) CornwallCam

Trevoole first appears in the reference books in the mid-1820's although historians suggest it may have been working for quite some time before that. Predominantly a relatively unproductive copper mine, Trevoole also sold about 10% of its production in tinstone from the late 1860's. The ores raised were of quite low grade - records show that in 1828 Trevoole received £3.34 per ton for its copper ore considerably less than the average price of £5.80 being acheived in the rest of Cornwall. The mine required to be drained and so the initial 30-inch cylinder pumping engine was replaced by a far larger model when the mine was re-opened in the 1850's. A new engine house was built in 1857 and the main Engine shaft and Stephens' shaft were deepened and production ends (drives) continued.

Following unfavourable reports on the lode structure in 1859, the decision was taken to open a further shaft - Harvey's. This was to produce little ore as further results from the geologists indicate very little available ore. The poor lodes combined with the constant necessity to drain the mine made Trevoole uneconomic to run and although work continued for a further year or so, the decision was taken to abandon the mine in the autumn of 1861. Machinery was sold off and the 100 or so employees of the mine had to look elsewhere for work. The mine was reopened briefly between 1886 and 1891, with new engine houses built, but rumours of a branch of the Great Flat Lode existing underground on Trevoole's sett proved to be false. The mine closed for good in August 1891.

For more information on Trevoole and its neighbouring mines please purchase a copy of the excellent Cornwall's Central Mines: The Southern District by T. A. Morrison.

There is a wealth of information on the mines and miners of Cornwall available. Why not explore Cornwall's industrial heritage through the Bookstore?

Other nearby mines and their main ores

Pendarves & St. Aubyn (approx. 1.7 km; COPPER & TIN)

North Dolcoath (approx. 1.7 km; COPPER & SILVER ORE)

South Tolcarne (approx. 2.2 km; COPPER)

Pendarves United (approx. 2.2 km; COPPER & TIN)

South Condurrow (approx. 2.4 km; TIN & COPPER)

Rosewarne United (approx. 2.5 km; COPPER, ZINC & TIN)

Carn Camborne (approx. 2.6 km; COPPER, TIN, ZINC & ARSENIC)

Stray Park (approx. 2.6 km; TIN & COPPER)

Grenville United (approx. 2.6 km; COPPER & TIN)

Camborne Vean (approx. 2.8 km; COPPER 1845-85 & TIN 1857-84)


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